Texima S.r.l. (Texima PLC) is an industry specialized in the production of bath mats and is on the Italian and European markets since 1974; the Company is located in Casnigo, in Bergamasc territory ("Provincia di Bergamo").
The production cycle begins with the purchasing of Italian raw materials and is performed entirely in-house with weaving mills, rubberizing, cutting and dyeing processes in the vanguard that allow us to be competitive; the workforce is 100% Italian.

Texima pays particular attention to the environment and to the use of raw materials and products in accordance with the standards required by regulations.

The collection offers a wide range of bath mats and sets in cotton or acrylic fiber with the backing in natural rubber latex that not containing carcinogens, respond best to all legal safety requirements, or with traditional backing in cotton or synthetic fibers.

The package, the measures of the mats and the colours can be customized according to customer requirements.